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Dog friendly Dubrovnik, Croatia

"Discover the delights of dog-friendly Dubrovnik with Cavtravels. Join Pika @pikadventure in her insider tips on the best pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and activities. Learn how to navigate Dubrovnik with your furry friend, from the pet-welcoming Hilton Dubrovnik to the charming Pucić Palace. Feast on fresh seafood at Kamenice and bask in the historic ambiance of Gradska Kavana Arsenal. Embrace adventure with dog-approved excursions to Srdj mountain, the City walls, and the unique Buza bar. Plan your visit with Pika's paw-picked insights and create unforgettable memories. Share your dog-friendly travels using #Cavtravels and become part of a community that cherishes every paw print. Visit for the full scoop on making the most of your Dubrovnik journey with your beloved pet."

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Seasonal Allergies in Dogs

It’s allergy season (again). If your pup is suddenly itching more than usual, it’s very possible they suffer from seasonal allergies to pollen, grasses, or weeds. Seasonal allergies in dogs, like in many humans, manifest themselves as sneezing, runny nose, eye discharge, ear infections, and excessive scratching.  Diarrhea and vomiting may occur too, as can secondary infections that are often related to scratching or gnawing on paws. Unfortunately, there is no cure for allergies, and if your dog is sensitive to natural seasonal substances, it’s practically impossible to remove the triggers. You can, however, help relieve some of the milder symptoms with natural remedies at home.  Allergens are most prominent in the early morning and late afternoon, so try to...

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What Is Happening?

What a time to be alive! (Translation: I have no idea what’s happening, or what I should be doing). Not even a month ago, I was ready to birth Cav Travels - a lifestyle brand that was supposed to be focused on dog-friendly travel, destination reviews, tips on flying with dogs, hotel get  it.  And then the pandemic hit. Social Distancing, uncertainties, toilet paper hoarding, borders closing, flights canceled...Ironically, Naomi Campbell’s viral airplane cleaning video suddenly became the only way to survive a flight virus-free. (If you were lucky enough to buy disinfectant wipes while they were still in stock, that is). “You’re not about to give people travel advice in the midst of a pandemic, right?” OBVIOUSLY not.For now,...

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