What Is Happening?

What a time to be alive! 
(Translation: I have no idea what’s happening, or what I should be doing).

Not even a month ago, I was ready to birth Cav Travels - a lifestyle brand that was supposed to be focused on dog-friendly travel, destination reviews, tips on flying with dogs, hotel recommendations...you get  it. 

And then the pandemic hit.

Social Distancing, uncertainties, toilet paper hoarding, borders closing, flights canceled...
Ironically, Naomi Campbell’s viral airplane cleaning video suddenly became the only way to survive a flight virus-free. (If you were lucky enough to buy disinfectant wipes while they were still in stock, that is).

“You’re not about to give people travel advice in the midst of a pandemic, right?”

For now, we will focus on being useful in the current (unusual) situation. There are still many fun things to do with your dog that don’t involve travel. (Shocking, I know!)

I implore everyone to take social distancing SERIOUSLY! Follow the rules of your local and national governments, don’t go out to meet friends, don't visit your parents/grandparents, and wash your hands like your life depends on it (because it does). 

But I also know (or at least hope?!) that this too shall pass. People will travel again. Dogs will again be carried in backpacks and carriers, transported in strollers and convertibles, through airports and hotels, to beaches, dog parks, and restaurants. Nobody knows when, but it will happen. 

Until then, the team behind Cav Travels is thinking of everyone who shares our deep love of travel and dogs.

Despite pivoting before we even started, and despite wading in unknown waters and into an uncertain future, we want to be here as a source of inspiration and happiness.
Although life as we know it is on hold, we will be sharing beautiful dog-travel photos on our Instagram account, and have a small online boutique going on, in case you feel like shopping. 

We’ll get through this together! (But from a safe distance, obviously.)


Nadia & Pika



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