Dog friendly Dubrovnik, Croatia

Planning a trip to Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic? You're in for a treat! Not only is this city a stunning UNESCO World Heritage site, but it's also incredibly welcoming to dogs—just like the rest of Croatia.

Pika and I are here to share some paw-sonal insights from our three recent Dubrovnik trips, and hope they enhance your own experience!

 Read on to find out where this photo-spot is.

Getting There:

Dubrovnik airport is well-connected with Europe and the US, with United Airlines even offering direct flights from Newark during summer months. If you are driving, brace yourself for rough traffic of high-season. Parking is extremely limited and congestion around the old town is a permanent feature.

Where to Stay:

We’ve stayed at the Hilton Dubrovnik and at the Pucić Palace – both of which were delightful. Read on for Pika’s paw-picked reviews of each!

Hilton Dubrovnik (5*)

Location: 5/5 Perfectly situated beside the city walls, but tucked away for privacy. Also right below Mount Srđ for exercise and/or for incredible sunset views.

Dog-friendliness: 3/5 While the rooms are dog-friendly, dogs aren’t allowed in any indoor or outdoor dining areas, nor in the lounge area. Room service is available, and thankfully Dubrovnik has plenty of dog friendly restaurants.

Rooms: 5/5 Modern, clean, with a touch of old charm elegance. Some rooms have balconies, and the hotel décor overall is very pretty.


Check-in desk at The Pucić Palace

The Pucić Palace (5*)

Location: 5/5 Nestled in the heart of the old town next to iconic landmarks such as the Dubrovnik Cathedral and the famous Jesuit Stairs (Walk of Shame from the Game of Thrones). It can get a bit loud in the evenings during high season.

Dog-friendliness: 5/5 Pika was loved wherever she went, including in their excellent restaurant.

Rooms: 4/5 Each room is unique, and some have balconies with views of the old town. Rooms could use some maintenance.

 Balcony View from the Pucić Palace. (Jesuit Stairs to the right) 

Where to Eat in Dubrovnik?

 For a posh dinner, our favorites are Nautika, 360 (both require reservations), Proto, and Posat.

For a more relaxed meal or lunch with fresh seafood, Kamenice is out go-to! Try an authentic taste of Bosnia at the Taj Mahal restaurant, and have your morning coffee and evening cocktails (plus prime pup-watching) at Gradska Kavana Arsenal.


 What to do in Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik is breathtaking from every angle, but its most prominent feature must be the walls, parts of which are over a thousand years old. Here are some of our (dog-friendly) Dubrovnik suggestions, in no particular order:

  1. Drive or hike to Mount Srđ for postcard-like views of Dubrovnik. PLEASE don’t attempt to hike during the day in the summertime, as it gets very hot and there is no water on the trail. Pro tip: For the best photo-op, stop along the main road about 100 meters before the fortress. Note: Dogs are not allowed in the cable car, so your only options are to walk or drive/take a taxi up.
  2. Walk the City walls. Although dogs aren’t officially allowed, Pika was able to join us in the off season (late-October/Early November). It’s an absolute must when in Dubrovnik, but please follow the rules.

  1. Go to Buza bar: A literal hole in Dubrovnik city walls, with access to the sea (jump or via a ladder only) and a bar nestled on a cliff. Bring cash, and try to be there early, before the crowds arrive.
  2. Take a day trip to Ston (driving), Lopud island (ferry) or even Montenegro or Bosnia. (Check country animal import rules).

Majestic views on every corner.


We recommend visiting Dubrovnik in May or late September/early October, to avoid the heat and the crowds.  If you do visit, please tag us and let us know how you liked it.

Here’s to fetching new memories!

Nadia & Pika

@pikadventure / @cavtravels




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