10 Tips for Preparing Your Dog For Airplane Travel

Perhaps your pup is a frequent flyer, or maybe you’re just beginning to plan your first joint trip?! In either case, we hope these tips help you turn your flying expawrience into a great one!

Here are our 10 tips on getting your pup ready for a flight in cabin:

1. Make sure to take your dog for a long walk/hike/run right before the flight, or as close to it as possible. (This will ensure your pup is tired and sleeps most of the journey).

2. Get a high quality dog carrier that your dog is already used to. (Make sure the carrier fits under the seat in front of you, and that your dog feels comfortable in it. Check with your airline for the exact carrier dimensions. (Our favorite carrier is the Sleepypod Air. We've had it for 5+ years and the quality is incredible.)

3. Be very careful with food and treats for 48h before your flight. (Don’t introduce any unfamiliar food or treats and don’t feed your dog any human food for 48h before you flight, to minimize the risk of last-minute diarrhea or an upset stomach).

4. Select your seat wisely. (Don’t pick an exit row seat, as you’re legally not allowed to be seated there with a dog. We personally prefer window seats, for the extra space to lean on. 

5. Skip your dog’s meal or only feed them a tiny bit before long-haul flights. (This doesn’t apply to puppies, as it could cause hypoglycemia).

6. Groom and brush before flight. (For your dog’s maximum comfort, make sure they are washed, with fur free of knots and tangles, trimmed nails, and without itchy spots).

7. Find a comfortable harness. (Make sure your dog’s harness isn’t too tight, since they will have to wear it for many hours uninterrupted during the flight).

8. Destination requirements + microchip. Regardless of where you’re going, it’s always a good idea to have your dog microchipped and registered. Check your destination requirements regarding your dog’s medical records months (or at least weeks) before your trip - sometimes you may need to re-vaccinate your pup, or administer special topical medication.

9. Do not accept your dog to  be put in cargo, in the overhead compartment, or separated from you in any way! You booked your flight, informed the airline of your pet /  service animal, and the airline needs to honor the reservation. Do not succumb to last minute pressures to change your arrangements under any circumstance.

10. Do not be that  inconsiderate a-hole that lets their dog pee, or god forbid poop, inside the airport! Give your dog plenty of time to do the “business” outside, or at a pet relief area. This will make it SO much easier for considerate dog owners to continue enjoying traveling with their well-behaved pups, and reduce the possibility for a ban on pet-travel altogether.

Any comments? Email, or message us - we would love to hear from you! 

Nadia & Pika

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